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Shock: Illegal Alien Admits To Incest/Beating His Sister To Death

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

EL PASO COUNTY, TX - On February 3, deputies arrested Jose Manuel Guzman, 32, after he reportedly confessed to the beating death of his sister, after discovering that she had become involved with another man.

KATU reported:

Guzman explained to authorities he had been involved in a sexual relationship with his sister, Karla Mariela Marroquin Chavez de Ortiz. Guzman said he had reunited with his sister and had become romantically involved with her, which he knew was wrong.
Guzman claims he fell in love with the victim.

The victim’s mother became worried about her daughter after speaking with her son and called the El Paso Sheriff’s Office, and requested a welfare check on Chavez de Ortiz.

Deputies subsequently found the young woman’s body lying in a pool of blood, inside her apartment.

Guzman told detectives that he “lost control” and beat his sister to death with a baseball bat and an electric hand-held massager, according to court documents.

Guzman has been charged with first-degree murder, criminal mischief, two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, and assault. He is currently being held at the El Paso County Jail without bond.

View this suspect’s booking info…

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