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Illegal Alien Charged With Murder In 'Sanctuary City' Shooting

LAS VEGAS, NV - On Thursday, police took Javier Jesus Uribe, 22, into custody following a standoff at a residence in the 7500 block of Aurora Glow Street.

The night before, Uribe was captured on surveillance video walking into the Short Line Express Market wearing a bulletproof vest and wielding a handgun.

Uribe had already fired several shots into a car outside the store, killing 35-year-old Curtis Abraham. He then entered the store and fired several shots, according to court documents.

No one was hurt inside the store.

Abraham’s girlfriend and the store clerk were hiding inside a cooler, and other customers had already run away through the back door.

Before reaching the convenience store, Uribe reportedly robbed an individual on the street.

Uribe did not know Abraham, and police have called the deadly act a “random shooting.”

On Friday, Abraham’s family released the following statement:

Our family is broken, our hearts are broken. Words cannot explain the pain and anger we feel. This murderer set out to destroy lives. Curtis was a father, son, grandson, brother, beloved family member and friend. We will hold strong that the justice system will prove that this monster knowingly left his home in tactical gear armed with the intent to kill the innocent. We will grieve this loss forever.

Police recovered a total of 20 shell casings at the scene.

Uribe has been charged with murder, three counts of attempted murder, discharging a gun into an occupied structure/vehicle, burglary w/possession of a gun and armed robbery. He is currently being held without bond at the Clark County Detention Center.

*Of course, Las Vegas now, officially employs a 'sanctuary' policy for illegal aliens, thus, both the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and the Clark County Sheriff's Office have a history of non-cooperation with ICE, and are notoriously secretive with members of the press, concerning the immigration status of anyone in their custody.

However, both the city and county have been a haven for criminal aliens for years, and both the residents of Las Vegas and many visitors to the city have become victims as a result of this policy.

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