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Illegal Alien Who Filmed Himself Killing Puppy, Released Only Hours After Arrest

RIVERSIDE, CA – On Saturday, the Riverside Police Department responded to a call that a man was on social media torturing a small dog to death.

The video showed the puppy with a large cut to his neck, struggling to breath, as the man stood over the dog and bragged about what he had done, according to court documents.

Through the assailant's profile, officers located the apartment where Angel Ramos lives.

In a public statement, the RPD reported:

When they arrived, officers observed a person matching the description of the suspect from the video. He was safely detained and found to be in possession of illegal metal knuckles, but he also had fresh blood stains on his clothing and cuts on his hands. When they searched his apartment, a 4 to 6 month-old Chihuahua dog was found in the suspect’s bedroom suffering from a severe neck injury and barely alive.
The Riverside County Department of Animal Services responded and transported the gravely injured dog to an emergency pet clinic. Unfortunately, veterinarians determined the dog would not survive and had to be euthanized.

Ramos was charged with suspicion of animal cruelty and illegal possession of brass knuckles.

However, due to California's new policies regarding bail, Ramos was released from custody and given a “Notice to Appear” citation, only hours after his arrest.


Apr 26, 2021

President Trump was right...again! They are not sending their best!

Should Sanctuary Cities continue to allow criminals a free pass at the citizens expense?

Our childrens futures have forever been changed by the ILLEGAL ALIEN INFESTATION of 3rd world countries mentality!!!


Mar 25, 2021

wonder who the judge and DA are? I live there & want to know so we can vote them out. I'm on a mission of justice.. There is a recalled in California to remove Newsome. & we're going to fight like hell for this County.


Feb 17, 2021

This is how evil begins. Next step ???

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