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Illegal Alien Pleads Guilty To Kidnapping In Which Woman Was Tortured For Days In Idaho

IDAHO FALLS, ID - On Wednesday, through his attorney, Jorge Balderas, 27, withdrew his challenge to his previous guilty plea to second-degree kidnapping.

Sometime after pleading guilty, Balderas claimed that his former attorney coerced him into the guilty plea.

Nearly two years ago, the illegal alien gang member was taken into custody along with three others following the brutal kidnapping and torture of a young woman, according to court documents.

Balderas was arrested in July 2020 after he and three others reportedly tied a woman to a chair in their basement and tortured her for three days. The victim had lived with Balderas and two of the co-defendants before she was tied up, and had previously been in a relationship with Balderas.
The victim said the defendants beat her, carved a letter into her face with a knife and tormented her with a blowtorch and heated metal tools. Balderas also reportedly poured lighter fluid underneath the victim's chair and lit it on fire while she was tied to the chair and unable to move.

The victim was eventually able to escape the basement through a window, and seek help.

Balderas is set to be sentenced for second-degree kidnapping on May 11. He faces up to 25 years in prison.

He has been held at the Bonneville County Jail since 2020 on an ICE detainer.

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