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Illegal Alien Gets Slap On The Wrist For Vicious Beating Of 79-Year-Old Parkinson's Patient

CHICAGO, IL - On May 12, Rokas Ablacinskas, 23, pleaded guilty to aggravated battery of a person over age 60, and sentenced to a mere two years probation. Not much, considering the Lithuanian national was originally charged with first-degree attempted murder, among other felonies and was facing a possible life sentence.

On the morning of September 29, 2018, Ablacinskas came out of nowhere and punched Mike Masterson in the back of the head, as the 79-year-old, moved along a jogging trail in Lincoln Park. He was choked, bitten, his left eye was gouged, and told he would be killed, according to court documents.

A witness told police, Masterson yelled out “I’m an 80-year-old man!,” an affidavit stated.

CBS 2 reported:

“He kept saying ‘I’m going to kill you, I’m going to kill you,’” Masterson recollected. “My face is all scratched up. I got a lot of black and blue, but you should see the other guy...He punched me in the face. I punched back,” Masterson said.

Despite being more than half a century older than his attacker, and the effects of Parkinson's, Masterson managed to break away from the illegal alien twice, eventually making it to an apartment building, where he received help.

Masterson, a retired bartender, was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 2016.

Officers found Ablacinskas sleeping in the park, and took him into custody.

Following his arrest, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) filed a detainer request with the Cook County Jail, following Ablacinskas' arrest. However, due to Chicago's and Cook County's 'sanctuary policy' for criminal aliens, the Lithuanian national was released.

In 2019, ICE issued the following press release:

On Dec. 3, 2018, ICE lodged a detainer with the Cook County Jail on Rokas Ablacinskas, a 22-year-old citizen of Lithuania, following his arrest for attempted murder, aggravated battery of a victim over the age of 60 and aggravated battery in a public place. Without notifying ICE, the Cook County Jail released Ablacinskas Sept. 17, 2019, and he remains at large in the community.

What's that? You say you've never heard of this case?

You see the MSM does its level-best to protect those who run 'sanctuary cities,' like Chicago (where they also do their best to ignore the staggering number of annual black-on-black murders). That is, when they're not bashing Trump or calling everyone who wears a badge “racist.”

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