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Charge: Illegal Alien Has Been Exposing Himself To Children For Nearly A Year

NEW YORK CITY, NY – Last week, police arrested Lucio Pecher Guarcax, 28, after he reportedly exposed himself to girls at least six times, in incidents dating back to September 2019.

All of the incidents have taken place in the Sunset Park area of Brooklyn.

The latest occurred on the morning of June 24, when Gaurcax exposed his genitals in front of a pair of sisters, ages 11 and 13 who were walking their dog near 7th Avenue and 18th Street, according to a police report.

The girls ran away from him and quickly told their mother, who followed him and took several photos, giving them to the police.

As stated earlier, the Guatemalan national has a history of such behavior...

-On May 31, Gaurcax placed himself in front of a window at a home near 22nd Street and 6th Avenue, where he allegedly exposed himself and masturbated after noticing a woman and her young children inside. He fled before police arrived.

-In September 2019, he also placed himself in front of a window at a private residence and exposed himself to a group of young girls.

Gaurcax has been charged with nine counts of acting in a manner injurious to a child under 17, three counts of public lewdness and six counts of lewdness.

*Of course, New York is a 'sanctuary city' and current mayor, Bill DeBlasio forbids NYC police officers to cooperate in any way with U.S. Immigration and Enforcement agents. So, if Gaurcax is able to make bail, he will simply be released.

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