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African 'Refugee' Driving Stolen Car, Reportedly Spat On Police Officers

PORTLAND, ME – On Saturday, police pulled over a car that fit the description of one that had been reported stolen, earlier that day. Both the passenger and driver were removed from the vehicle.

The driver, Mohamud Abdullahi, was handcuffed and placed in the back of a cruiser. Once informed that he was being placed under arrest, Abdullahi began kicking the door and window of the vehicle, according to the police.

He was then removed from the police car and transferred to a van for transport to the jail. That's when Abdullahi became more violent, and reportedly spat on four officers.

Two of the Portland police officers were treated at Mercy Hospital for exposure to bodily fluids because, as Abdullahi spat into their eyes.

Abdullahi was charged with four counts of assault and faces charges related to the stolen vehicle. He was also charged with a list of crimes in South Portland.

*The suspect is not a citizen and came to this country from Somalia.

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Jul 30, 2020

I'm okay with illegal aliens spitting on cops.

Better them than me.

I hate dirty cops and don't believe replacing liberal tyranny with police tyranny is a solution.

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