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African Migrant Lyft Driver Charged With Assaulting Female Country Music Artist

NASHVILLE, TN – On Tuesday, police arrested Albert Boakye, 46, after he reportedly physically assaulted 34-year-old recording artist Clare Dunn.

On June 26, Dunn was picked up by Boakye in downtown Nashville, who drives for the ridesharing service, Lyft.

When the driver missed a turn and seemed to be heading for Highway 70, Dunn let him know that he was heading away from her house, and soon thereafter, was dragged from the car and abused.

The Daily Mail reported:

She said: 'We were barreling towards the interstate and I spoke up and was like, 'Hey, that was my turn. Where are you going? You need to take the next right turn.'
That's when the driver started screaming at her, according to Dunn.
'I couldn't really make it out — his English wasn't the best,' she said. 'And I just knew in that moment that I wasn't going to get on that interstate with him. I wasn't going to go quietly where he wanted to take me. And I think he realized maybe this girl was going to be more trouble than she's worth.'

Boakye pulled Dunn by her neck from the backseat, then slammed her to the ground in a nearby ditch, according to police.

Dunn called 911 and was taken to the hospital, where she was treated for numerous contusions and lacerations on her face and neck.

Dunn did not have all of the driver's information, and it took some time for police to find the suspect.

Boakye has been charged with assault and was booked into the Davidson County Jail. He has since been released on $1,000 bond.

Boakye recently came to this country from Ghana.

*Both so-called “rideshare” services, Uber and Lyft, have a history of hiring illegal aliens, along with many “migrants” from countries whose cultures often treats women and children as nothing more than property. Not surprisingly, at least 395 women were sexually assaulted as a result of using both of the popular ridesharing services between 2013 and 2018, according to the watchdog websiteWho’s Driving You?

In 2017, the state of Colorado actually fined Uber $8.9 million for allowing people with criminal convictions to work as drivers.


Howard Zinn lied ca.
Howard Zinn lied ca.
Aug 12, 2021

Have never used Lyft or Uber. Both are alt- left companies.


Suno Chanda
Suno Chanda
Aug 12, 2021

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