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African 'Migrant' Charged In Two Violent NYC Hate Crimes Released Without Bail

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

NEW YORK CITY, NY - On Monday, police arrested Frank Abrokwa, 37, after he reportedly spat on and chased an elderly man in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights section.

Abrokwa screamed “Come here, you f—king Jew, I am going to kill you,” according to court documents.

It was his second arrest in the last few days.

On February 21, he was caught on surveillance video actually smearing his own feces on a woman’s face on a subway platform in the Bronx.

He approached the woman and began verbally harassing her. When she ignored him, Abrokwa then did something disgusting…

Bronx Assistant District Attorney Grace Phillips stated:

Instead of taking the lack of engagement in stride, the defendant responded with violence. He walked into a nearby idling subway car and defecated in a bag.
He then walked back to the complainant and repeatedly smashed the bag and left his feces in her face, head, neck, shoulders and back area. She had feces in her eyes, and hair. As he attacked, the defendant stated in sum and substance: ‘Like this, bitch?’

The victim sustained numerous cuts and bruises on her face.

Abrokwa has been charged with second-degree aggravated harassment as a hate crime, menacing as a hate crime, and disorderly conduct.

However, due to New York’s bail reform laws, Abrokwa was released back onto the streets, without posting bail.

He is currently free on so-called “supervised release.”

*Abrokwa has a long criminal history, with nearly two dozen arrests, dating back to 1999.

In all, he has been charged in five unprovoked attacks around the city, this year alone.

He came to this country from Ghana.

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