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The Pentagon Approves Of Child Abuse (Committed By Muslims)!

Child molestation is not only widespread throughout the Muslim world, but is completely accepted as a standard practice by Muslim men. In fact, in 2012, Pentagon lawyers, at the request of the Obama Administration, drafted an Army manual, which forbade any criticism of child molestation by troops serving in Muslim countries.

The 75-page handbook stated troops should avoid “making derogatory comments about the Taliban, advocating women’s rights, any criticism of pedophilia, directing any criticism towards Afghans, mentioning homosexuality and homosexual conduct” or “anything related to Islam,” Judicial Watch reported.1

Of course, when speaking on the topic of pedophilia in Islamic culture, one cannot ignore the prophet himself...Muhammad.

Muhammad married his bride Aisha, at age six, but reportedly waited until she was 9 years old to deflower the youngster.

In 2011, Muslim cleric Dr. Saleh Al-Fawzan tried to rationalize Muhammad’s criminal behavior in the following (rather laughable text):

The story of the prophet’s marriage to Aisha reveals to us aspects like the prophet’s conduct with Aisha, and more importantly the aspect regarding the relationship between the husband and wife, to show how one should treat his wife, just as the prophet did with Aisha.
We know that Aisha’s mother went to take her down from the swing that she was playing on to fix her hair and prepare her for the prophet so he could enter her [have sex with her], and she did that all on the same day.

It gets even more sickening…

So you see, she was playing with her fellow playmates even though her day of consummation was that very same day, and all that they did was to fix her up for the prophet so he could have sex with her.
Now what do we see when the prophet married Aisha? Did he go to her and say ‘Okay that’s it, you’re married, you’re now a grown up, you’re supposed to be mature, you need to do this and that; you need to forget about your toys and your little friends; you are now a wife of a man, you have to see to my needs, and that’s it?’
No. The prophet allowed her to continue playing with her toy dolls, indeed, the prophet even sometimes gave her such things to play with.

This same Saudi cleric issued a fatwa stating that there should be no minimum requirement age for girls to marry, “even if they are in the cradle,” and simply that “they are capable of being placed beneath and bearing the weight of the men.”

And, in the tradition of the pedophile prophet, several so-called “moderate Muslim” countries have no minimum age for girls to marry, these include: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Yemen.

Several years ago, the minimum age for marriage in Yemen was 15, but that was abolished in 1999. Unofficially, Yemeni clerics agreed that puberty begins at the age of nine, therefore that is when husbands should begin having sex with their child brides, according to a Human Rights Watch report.

Considering the fact that President Obama brought scores of so-called ‘refugees’ here from Islamic nations, combined with our currently wide-open border, it is a likely assumption that we can expect to see a sharp rise in the number of child sexual assaults where these ‘refugees’ are relocated.

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Dec 02, 2023

Disgusting men abusing young girls!! How can this be allowed and approved?

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