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Illegal Alien Charged With Injuring Man In DUI Crash In NC 'Sanctuary County'

Name: Sinforiano Casarrubias-Hida

Age: 39 Date of Arrest: 03/29/2024

Location: Wake County Charge(s): DUI, Felony Hit-and-Run w/Injury

Despite the very serious nature of the charges and his illegal status in this country, Wake County Sheriff Willie Rowe has made it his policy NOT to cooperate with federal authorities and does not enforce ICE detainers. If this illegal alien comes up with 10 percent of his bond to pay to a bail-bonding firm, he will simply be released back onto the streets of Raleigh.

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Apr 01

Why isn’t this sheriff behind bars? He’s broken his solemn oath to protect American citizens. How do these people in law enforcement get away with this? Of course he’s just following Biden’s way of dealing with illegals.

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