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Illegal Alien Raped And Killed His Pet Cat In New Jersey

On April 9, Bani J. Mezquititla, 19, appeared before Monmouth County Superior Court Judge Chad N. Cagan and pleaded guilty to Animal Cruelty by Tormenting, Torturing, or Unnecessarily or Cruelly Abusing a Living Animal Resulting in its Death, and Animal Cruelty by Using or Causing or Procuring the Use of an Animal or Creature in Any Kind of Sexual Manner.

In March 2023, one of the illegal alien's neighbors found the tortured remains of a cat and brought it to the Asbury Park Police Headquarters. SPCA investigators determined the cat had been sexually abused.

Mezquitila admitted to having raped the cat numerous times, and later to tying her down and abusing her in various ways, which resulted in her death.

Mezquititla is currently being held in the Monmouth County Jail without bond, while awaiting sentencing on June 13.

The illegal alien faces up to five years in prison for his crimes.

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What a sick bastard! Castrate him before he does it again!

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