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Shock: Illegal Aliens Killed 33,000 Americans Between 2010-2015

On July 13, 2023, Don Rosenberg, the father of Drew Rosenberg who was killed in a grisly crash by an unlicensed illegal alien in 2010, testified before the House Judiciary Committee on “The Consequences of Criminal Aliens on U.S. Cities.”

The revelations revealed by Rosenberg who is the president of Advocates for Victims of Illegal Alien Crime (AVIAC) in his testimony were quite shocking and would have most Americans up in arms if only the media would have covered it (instead of ignoring it).

While the Republican-dominated committee only gave Rosenberg roughly five minutes to speak, he also submitted monumental, incredibly well researched written testimony. A portion of it follows:

The Government Accountability Office has produced three reports on criminal alien crime. The last report was released in 2018, covering 2010-2015. Unfortunately, there are no annual statistics available.
• Those incarcerated between 2010-2015 were responsible for over 33,000 murders, homicides, or manslaughters. How many were killed prior, and how many have been killed since?
• By 2015, twenty-one (21) percent of the federal immigration population were criminal aliens. (This data includes legal immigrants).
• In FY 2015, there were 169,300 illegal aliens in state prisons and local jails. (These numbers are based on those requesting SCAAP reimbursement. Not all states and localities request funds. Additionally, there are conviction and length of stay requirements to be reimbursed. The report mentioned three times that these are minimum numbers. And, of course, these numbers don’t reflect that according to FBI statistics, less than 25% of crimes are ever solved, many criminals are given probation, and in the case of illegal aliens, many flee the country before they are arrested or after they are arrested and released.)
• The cost to the five states with the largest incarcerated population was $1.6 billion. California represented over $1 billion of that amount, with Los Angeles County’s share at $87 million.

Furthermore, in just one year (2018), illegal aliens administratively arrested by ICE were responsible for more than 535,000 crimes, according to the Government Accountability Office.

Rosenberg went on to report:

Listed is a small sample of the categories…
• Driving while intoxicated – 80,730.
• Dangerous Drugs – 76,585
• Assault – 50,753
• Kidnapping – 2,085
• Homicides – 2,028

These figures are irrefutable by the feds, as they were compiled by the federal government itself, but covered up by every single member of Congress as well as the White House, along with the propaganda wing of the federal government (i.e. the corrupt news media).

Though Rosenberg reported these astounding facts and figures to Congress a month ago, not one media outlet has bothered to pass the information on to the American people.

No you have it…Whenever a useless politician or dishonest reporter poses the false statement “we have no idea how many crimes are committed by ‘undocumented immigrants,’” you can nail them with these inexcusable numbers.

Rosenberg has blown the lid off of the false left-wing narrative that “immigrants (illegal aliens) commit far less crime than citizens!”

We owe Don Rosenberg a tremendous thank you for his tireless research which ferreted-out these shocking numbers, and for his courage in his continuous fight to protect all Americans, while grieving the loss of his beloved 25-year-old son, Drew.

Thank you Don!

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Aug 29, 2023

An illegal alien hit a school bus in Ohio last week, killing an 11 year old and injuring 26 more kids, on the first day of school. A couple weeks before this one, there was a head on crash involving an illegal alien under the influence in Montgomery county, Ohio. He killed a mother and her 9 year old son was taken by Care Flight to Children's Hospital. Another woman in the vehicle was also injured. I haven't heard more about the severity of her injuries. This one was around the corner from my house. The police department isn't commenting on his illegal status, so it hasn't been reported yet.

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