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Priest From Ghana Accused Of Raping 10-year-Old Boy

NEW ORLEANS, LA – Last week, yet another lawsuit was filed against a Catholic priest in the ongoing child-sex abuse scandal that has overtaken the church over the last several years.

The priest in this case is Rev. John Asare-Dankwah who has been suspended by St. Peter Claver Catholic Church. He is a native of the African nation of Ghana, and at the time of the alleged abuse, he was working at the Blessed Trinity Catholic Church.

The victim, now a grown man, was only 10 years of age at the time the alleged sexual assault took place in 2008.

The attack reportedly took place during a week long retreat in Alabama. reported:

The suit alleges that Asare-Dankwah took a bus ride with the plaintiff and a group of other children to a seven-day retreat in Montgomery, Alabama. The priest then anally raped the boy while hearing his confession in the anteroom of a chapel, the suit says.
The plaintiff claims Asare-Dankwah beat him the next morning while accusing the boy of being gay, saying homosexuality “was a great sin against God.”
According to the suit, the plaintiff didn’t report Asare-Dankwah to anyone because he was too humiliated. He said he decided to come forward after he attended his grandmother’s funeral in September, saw Asare-Dankwah was officiating, suffered a flashback of the rape, and had a mental breakdown that required two hospitalizations.

Asare-Dankwah who is currently said to be “visiting family” in Ghana, has, through his attorney, denied the allegations.

The Archdiocese of New Orleans has offered no further comment on the matter, other than to say that they have reported the case to the police.


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