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Previously Convicted Illegal Alien Charged With Child Molestation (Again) In NC

Name: Mario Acosta Serrano Age: 20 Date of Arrest: 9/8/2021

Location: Cleveland County Charge(s): Two Counts of Sexual Exploitation of a Minor, Two Counts of Felony Probation Violation and Sex Offender Violation (No Contact Order)

*On December 11, 2020, Serrano was convicted of Sexual Exploitation of a Minor and Indecent Liberties with a Minor (Victim 12 Years of Age). Four months later, he was released on March 11, 2021.

Despite his illegal status, he was not deported and is free to victimize more children.

Under the Biden administration, ICE has basically been prohibited from deporting criminals. As such, local jails have no other choice but to release those charged and/or convicted of even serious offense, when ICE does not respond to their own detainers.

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