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Obama Official Spilled The Beans On Current Border Crisis...10 Years Ago!

While most of us sit in anger and astonishment at the seeming inability or unwillingness on the part of the federal government to stop the tidal wave of illegal aliens, and so-called ‘asylum-seekers,' now entering this country in record numbers, it seems that the plans for the current crisis may have been officially set in motion several years ago.

On September 19, 2012, the Assistant Secretary of International Affairs and Chief Diplomatic Officer for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Alan Bersin, told a gathering of the United States-Mexico Chamber of Commerce in Washington D.C.: in Washington D.C.:

The Guatemalan border with Chiapas is now our southern border.

In a rather strange and rambling speech, Bersin went on to tout the cooperation between U.S. and Mexican authorities on policing our common border, and, despite the ever-increasing influence that the drug cartels were gaining Mexico, he claimed the rule of law had been restored once again, to the border region.

“The economy contributes to it but the enforcement posture in the United States has increased since 1993 in a way that was absolutely unforeseen. One of the great bipartisan accomplishments of the last generation, some would say the greatest accomplishment, Republicans and Democrats alike, was restoring the rule of law to the U.S.- Mexican border,” Bersin said.

This is a terrific period,” he added.

Bersin went on to explain that a lower fertility rate in Mexico was a major contributing factor in the “remarkable” change we were seeing in regards to supposedly fewer Mexican nationals entering this country illegally.

“This huge bulge of Mexican men and women that have built much of the United States, my friends, over the last six decades, is no longer available. The source of low wage labor in the United States over the next generation is actually Central America and Southeast Asia. That is why we must work with Mexico to restore the rule of law to the Mexican-Guatemalan border over the next ten years,” Bersin stated.

While it is more than puzzling why Bersin asserted that the Mexican government was actually policing the border with the United States, the Obama administration official’s stated belief that our new “southern border” is with Guatemala, may offer a very clear explanation into the National Emergency we are currently experiencing.

Are DHS career-bureaucrats, along with their Mexican counterparts, secretly working to implement the Obama administration’s apparent mission to effectively annex the United States?

Was part of that plan for Mexico to one day open the gate on their border with Guatemala (which they have obviously done), to then allow a mass exodus from Central America, eventually making its way into the United States?

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