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Thanks To Obama's Policies, Another Child Has Been Victimized By An Illegal Alien

Name: Alejandro Jose Blanco-Serrano

Age: 36 Date of Arrest: 04/13/2023

Location: Wake County, NC

Charge(s): Statutory Sex Offense w/Child (Victim Under 15)

He is currently being held at the Wake County Jail, where he will be protected from deportation, as Wake County Sheriff Willie Rowe, like his predecessor, also employs a 'sanctuary policy,' when it comes to protecting criminal aliens.

Though Obama has been out of office since January 2017, the pain his criminal alien-friendly policies caused are still being felt by children all over the country...

On January 24, 2015, Blanco-Serrano was arrested by police in Apex, North Carolina for Driving Under the Influence (DUI). He was booked into the Wake County Jail, where he was allowed to bail out and walk, instead of being placed into deportation proceedings, as ICE refused to pick him up.

At that time, a single DUI arrest did not make an illegal alien eligible for deportation under the Obama administration's policy (to protect them).

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19 may 2023

Criminal Illegal Aliens intentionally come here to commit crimes. All Illegal A;iens are criminals as they are here unlawfully and broke the law to invade our Country.

Me gusta

10 may 2023

Pray for our Country! Pray more people wake up and do something about this instead of playing with their phones!!!

Me gusta

05 may 2023

Another sick bastard allowed on our streets! 😡😡

Me gusta
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