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No Jail Time For Illegal Alien Who Raped 13-Year-Old Boy In Colorado

FOUNTAIN, CO - The District Attorney’s Office of El Paso County has accepted a plea deal from Andrea Neenet Serrano, 31, which will allow her to escape any jail time in the sexual assault of a 13-year-old boy.

Judge William Moller followed suit and will sentence Serrano to probation in May.

In June 2022, Serrano was arrested and charged with sexual assault against a child and sexual assault against a child under the age of 15 by one in a position of trust.

However, on February 27, 2023, those charges were dismissed and the illegal alien pleaded guilty to a charge of incest, in exchange for no jail time.

As a result of the ongoing sexual assaults, Serrano became pregnant and has since given birth to the victim’s child.

Prior to entering the lesser plea, the victim’s mother addressed the court, stating:

She (Serrano) sexually assaulted my 13-year-old son ... She introduced him to drugs, she needs to be in jail. It's a double standard. If she was a man, and my son was a girl she (Serrano) would be behind bars right now.

The illegal alien has remained free on bond since July 2022, though she has twice violated the terms of the protection order since her arrest.

The boy’s parents have stated that they are seeking full custody of the baby.

Of course, Colorado is a 'sanctuary state,' and as such, protects criminal aliens from deportation.

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Mar 17, 2023

She’s disgusting! Why was this POS let out? Plea bargain my ass! She had a 13 year old boys baby! Get rid of this trash!

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