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Illegal Alien Charged With Raping Pregnant Woman In Florida

Name: Santo Felix Cruz-Ramos

Age: 25 Date of Arrest: 02/26/2024 Location: Englewood Charge(s): Felony Sexual Battery

On Sunday night, deputies responded to the Sun Coast Inn on S. McCall Rd. after the victim called 911 as she reported being raped inside her room.

In a press release, the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office stated:

According to the victim, it was at that time that the suspect pushed her onto the bed and forced himself on her without a contraceptive. The suspect fled from the scene immediately after, and the victim noted that he was darker-skinned and wearing a bright yellow jacket.
A review of security camera footage showed the suspect, later identified as Santo Felix Cruz-Ramos, talking to the victim and then following her back to her room. A short time later, Cruz-Ramos is seen running from the room toward a stairwell.

Cruz-Ramos was actually staying in another room at the Sun Coast Inn, where he was taken into custody.

Cruz-Ramos has been charged with felony sexual battery and is currently being held at the Charlotte County Jail on $500,000 bond and an ICE detainer.

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Mar 02

Another piece of sh$t running loose on our streets. Kicking him out of the country won’t work. He’ll just come back. Put him in prison and let it be known what he did. His fellow inmates will take care of him.

At the very least, cut his balls off so he can’t attack another woman.

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