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Media Blackout: The Age Of Sexual Consent In Mexico City Is Only 12!

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Though the reason behind the massive number of child sexual assaults being committed across this nation by illegal aliens is being ignored by the national press, there may be a rather simple (and sickening) explanation for the epidemic...

While the vast majority of Americans would be shocked by the cultural norms, which make this type of abomination commonplace throughout “our neighbor to the South.” Put very bluntly, pedophilia is actually protected by many of Mexico’s laws.

You see, the age of sexual consent throughout much of Mexico, including its capital city, is only 12-years of age.

Unfortunately, the culture of having sex with young girls is brought to this country by many Mexican men, along with their cheap, albeit illegal labor, and both real and potential votes.

An example of this attitude can be found in Mexican national Diego Lopez-Mendez, who pleaded guilty in 2006 to sexually assaulting a 10-year-old West Virginia girl. Through an interpreter, he told the court: “In the pueblo where I grew up, girls are usually married by 13-years old...I was unaware of the nature of the offense or that it was a bad crime.”

And, given his background, it is likely that he was not actually aware that sexually assaulting a child “was a bad crime.”

Article 261 of Mexico’s Federal Criminal Code states:

Whoever, without the purpose of reaching copulation, performs a sexual act on a person under 12 or on a person that has no capacity of understanding the meaning of the act or that for any reason cannot resist, or demands that the act is performed, will be punished with a term of 2 to 5 years in prison.

In addition to Mexico City, the age of consent is 12 in the following Mexican states:

  • Aquascalientes

  • Baja California Sur

  • Guanajuato

  • Guerrero

  • Jalisco

  • Michoacan

  • Morelos

  • Oaxaca

  • Puebla

  • Sinaloa

  • Sonora

  • Tamaulipas

  • Zacatecas

Furthermore, the age of consent is actually listed as “puberty” in Nayarit; “unable to understand” in Tabasco; and “adolescent” in Veracruz.

In the Mexican state of Baja California (where the age of consent is 14), in order to prosecute what is known as the crime of estrupo, or sexual misconduct with a child, the requirements may be reminiscent of a different century (such as the seventh, perhaps).

Estrupo translates into the following: “When the consent of the child is obtained by seduction and/or deceit.”

However, the law also states that the female victim must be “chaste and honest.”

Imagine the terror felt by a 14-year-old rape victim, who, already emotionally shattered, must then go before a state official and prove that she is honest!

It is really very simple, when you allow the migration of large numbers of people from one particular region of the world, you also invite that region’s culture to take-hold in your country. In this case, our children are being irreparably damaged by this transplanted ‘culture.’

The acceptance by our politicians that the theft of a child’s innocence is simply more ‘collateral damage,’ justified by their corrupt aims for an open border, is simply unacceptable. And, the lack of coverage given to this issue by the national press forfeits the right of every member of the nation’s mainstream media to call his or her self a journalist.

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