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In Three Days, Three Illegals Charged With Child Sex Assault In NC 'Sanctuary County'

Within less than a 72-hour period from November 15-17, three illegal aliens were arrested on child sex assault charges and booked into the Wake County Jail. Those suspects' names and charges follow:

-Name: David Antonio Zuniga-Gamez

Age: 34

Date of Arrest: 11/17/2022

Location: Wake County Charge(s): Two Counts of Sexual Exploitation of a Minor

-Name: Bryan Aldair Muniz-Cordoba

Age: 23

Date of Arrest: 11/16/2022

Location: Wake County

Charge(s): Two Counts of Statutory Rape of a Child (Victim Less than 15), Disseminating Obsecene Images to a Minor

-Name: Christopher Edeni Pacas-Aragon Age: 25 Date of Arrest:: 11/15/2022

Location: Wake County

Charge(s): Two Counts of Sexual Exploitation of a Minor, Failure to Report as a Registered Sex Offender

Though all of the aforementioned suspects is in the country illegally, not one of them has an ICE hold lodged against them, and if they can make bail, they will simply be released back onto the streets.

Since taking office on December 3, 2018, outgoing Wake County Sheriff Gerald M. Baker has refused to cooperate with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement ICE, and has released many dangerous criminals back into his county, despite ICE detainers being issued against them.

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