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Illegal Aliens Charged After Cockfighting Operation Discovered In Virginia

FAUQUIER COUNTY, VA – On Monday, deputies arrested Jose Martinez Sepulveda, 21, following an investigation which uncovered a large-scale cockfighting operation, according to court documents.

In a news release, the Fauquier County Sheriff's Office stated:

In early August, Animal Control Deputies were made aware of a possible animal cruelty complaint involving organized rooster fighting events. They found evidence during their investigation to proceed with criminal charges.
On Monday, Deputies executed two search warrants in the 10500 block of Weaversville Road stemming from an animal cruelty and animal fighting investigation. A third search warrant was executed the following day in Culpeper County. A total of forty-seven roosters, seven hens, and multiple items consistent with animal fighting were seized.

Among other evidence found, was, “a circular ring made of wood and wire consistent with a cockfighting ring on the same property,” a police report stated.

Jose Martinez Sepulveda, 21, has been charged with five felony counts of animal fighting and multiple animal cruelty charges, including using a device or substance intended to enhance an animal's ability to fight or to inflict injury upon another animal (a Class 6 Felony in Va.). He was booked into the Fauqier County Jail on $5,000 bond.

Osvaldo Villalobos Orijel has also been charged with five felony counts of animal fighting and is currently at-large.

All of the chickens are now being cared for by the Fauquier County SPCA.

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