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Illegal Alien Teen Wanted For Murder In California

PITTSBURG, CA – On September 17, a man and woman were walking in a parking lot on Atlantic Avenue, when a vehicle approached them and stopped. An individual, now identified as Yairo Israel Palomino, 14, exited the car and an argument ensued, which ended with both the male and female being shot, according to police.

Palomino fled the scene on foot, while the vehicle sped away in the opposite direction.

The entire incident was captured on surveillance cameras.

Both victims were transported to a local hospital. The unidentified woman has been released and is now recovering at home from her wounds, while the male victim, identified as 20-year-old Isiah Legaspi died from his injuries.

The Pittsburg Police Department issued the following statement on the wanted suspect:

The Pittsburg Police Department is asking help from the public in locating Yairo Israel Palomino. A Ramey Warrant for his arrest has been issued and he is known to frequent the cities of Antioch, Pittsburg and Oakley. He is considered armed and dangerous. Anyone with information to Palomino’s whereabouts is asked to please contact the Pittsburg Police Dispatch Center at 925-646-2441 or the Pittsburg Police Department Tip-Line at 925-252-4040.

Yairo Israel Palomino is described as being 6' tall, weighing about 190 lbs.

*Palomino is believed to have entered the United States in 2014, as an "unaccompanied minor," according to an anonymous source.

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1 kommentti

05. tammik. 2021

So if he's not an illegal alien when do you take down this post? This kid wasn't an unaccompanied minor because, his mother birthed him here in California. Your Anonymous source is incorrect. This website should do a little more digging before you post. Especially when it comes to a minor.

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