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Illegal Alien Gang Members/'Unaccompanied Minors' Charged In Maryland Murder

WHEATON, MD - On Wednseday, police in Montgomery County arrested five men for the murder of Francisco Anton Medrano-Campos, 29, who was shot to death on May 26, in an 'ambush-style' attack in the 2300 block of Glenmont Circle.

Medrano-Campos died amid a hail of bullets, upon exiting his apartment building, on his way to work, according to police.

Those charged are:

-Carlos Andres Orellana-Orellana, 21, of the 2200 block of Greenery Lane in Glenmont

-Daniel E. Huezo-Landaverde, 19, of the 12300 block of Bush Drive in Silver Spring

-Oscar Effrain Zavala-Urrea, 19, of the 3400 block of Hampton Hollow Drive in Fairland

-Romeo Almengor Oxlaj-Lopez, 20, of the 2300 block of Glenallen Avenue in Glenmont

-Victor Alfonso Cruz-Orellana, 21, of the 2700 block of Randolph Road in Glenmont

All of the suspects except for Huezo-Landaverde entered the country as 'unaccompanied minors,' and at least two of them have not shown for their immigration hearings, according to ICE.

All five are confirmed MS-13 gang members.

WJLA reported:

“ICE has lodged immigration detainers with Montgomery County for all four individuals. Although ICE continues to monitor Huezo-Landaverde's alleged culpability in the pending murder case, he is not currently "subject to immigration enforcement." ICE did not elaborate.”

All five are currently being held without bond in the Montgomery County Detention Center.

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