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Illegal Alien Gang Member Charged With Sexually Assaulting Girl In Maryland

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MD – On May 8, police were called to an apartment complex in Gaithersburg, in regards to a sexual assault. The victim, a 15-year-old girl, immediately pointed to Erick Benitez-Amaya, 24, who was outside when officers arrived.

Benitez-Amaya fled on foot and was quickly apprehended.

The girl was approached by four men, while standing next to the pool, and the four led her to a nearby apartment. One of the men was Benitez-Amaya, who took the girl into his bedroom, according to a police report.

Benitez-Amaya then reportedly tried to strip the girl naked, before removing his clothes and pinning her down to his bed.

KTXS reported:

She was screaming and unable to get away from the defendant," police added, noting that Benitez-Amaya referred to the victim as "baby" during the sexual assault. "The defendant then grabbed a condom. The victim called a friend utilizing FaceTime and stated that she was being held against her will.
That friend contacted another person who rushed to the apartment where they reportedly heard the girl screaming, "let me go!" A short while later, the girl managed to escape from the apartment.

Benitez-Amaya, a known member of MS-13, claimed that he merely “hugged the girl.”

He has been charged with attempted second-degree rape, third-degree sex offense, and second-degree assault, and is currently being held at the Montgomery County Jail without bond.

*According to court records, Benitez-Amaya was actually on probation at the time of the attack.

In August 2020, the Salvadoran national pleaded guilty to second-degree assault and spent 60 days in jail, and was placed on probation through August 2021.

Montgomery County has a long history of failing to honor ICE detainers, and is known as a 'sanctuary' for illegal aliens.

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