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Illegal Alien Charged With Repeatedly Molesting Child At In-Home Daycare In CA

SAN JOSE, CA - On November 22, police arrested Julio Cesar Carrasco-Diaz, 62, after he reportedly committed multiple acts of molestation on a child. All of the sexual abuse is said to have taken place at the daycare his wife runs out of their McGinness Avenue home.

In a press release, the San Jose Police Department stated:

The victim reported being sexually assaulted by the suspect at the daycare. The incidents in this case occurred over a period of several years (2011-2019). These incidents were recently reported and we believe there could be more victims because of the suspect’s employment status at the time of the abuse.

Carrasco-Diaz has been charged with lewd and lascivious acts on a child (Victim Under 14) and multiple counts of the sexual abuse of a child. He was booked into the Santa Clara County Jail.

Due to his constant access to children, detectives believe he likely has more victims.

Anyone with information on this case or has been victimized by Carrasco-Diaz is urged to contact the SJPD Sexual Assault Investigations Unit at 408-537-1394.

*Of course, California now has a statewide ‘sanctuary’ policy for illegal aliens, and no county jail is allowed, under threat of prosecution, to enforce ICE Holds against criminal offenders.

All attempts to reach the Santa Clara County Jail for comment have been unsuccessful.

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