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Illegal Alien Charged With Raping, Pimping-Out His Own Child In NC 'Sanctuary County'

Name: Erick Antonio Cano-Castellanos

Age: 39

Date of Arrest: 03/06/2022

Location: Durham County

Charge(s): First Degree Forcible Rape-Incest, Assault on a Female-Assault by Strangulation, Human Trafficking of a Minor-Involuntary Servitude of a Minor, Two Counts of Second Degree Forcible Rape-Incest, Human Trafficking-Involuntary Servitude

Despite his status in this country, the illegal alien was booked into the Durham County Jail without an ICE Hold.

Castellanos has since killed himself, while in custody.

In a press release, the Durham County Sheriff's Office stated:

Castellanos died at a local hospital on June 30th having been found by detention staff attempting suicide.

On December 7, 2018, Durham County Sheriff Clarence F. Birkhead announced that he would no longer allow his deputies to hold inmates with ICE detainers in the county jail, in order for ICE agents to pick them up for possible deportation. Instead, they have been instructed to release illegal aliens back onto the streets, as soon as they make bail, regardless of the charges.

In February 2019, Sheriff Birkhead issued a rather self-serving press release, explaining his decision to stop honoring ICE detainers.

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