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Illegal Alien Charged With Raping Girl In 'Sanctuary' State Of California

GLENDALE, CA - On December 20, police arrested Simon Lopez, 21, after he was reportedly seen physically assaulting a young girl in Canoga Park.

During the course of their investigation, detectives learned that Lopez had been sexually assaulting the girl, according to court documents.

Despite the serious nature of his current charges, his past criminal record, an outstanding warrant and his immigration status, Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon wanted to release Lopez without bail.

In a press release, the Glendale Police Department stated:

Due to L.A. County’s emergency “Zero-Dollar” bail order, the district attorney’s office recommended bail be set to $0; however, a $100,000 bail hold was set. The following charges reflect what the district attorney’s office has filed against Lopez: unlawful sex with a minor, oral copulation of a minor, domestic violence, contact with a minor for sexual offense, and possession of child porn.

Lopez has been charged with kidnapping, engaging in intercourse with a minor (Victim Under 15) and domestic violence. He is currently being held at the Los Angeles County Jail’s Twin Towers Correctional Facility.

*Of course, California has a statewide ‘sanctuary’ policy which protects criminal aliens from deportation.

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