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Illegal Alien Charged With Molesting 9-Year-Old Boy In Texas

WEBB COUNTY, TX - On January 2, deputies arrested Angel Cerda, 26, after a woman reported that both of her young sons had been molested.

…the Sheriff’s Office responded to a sexual assault report at the Pueblo Nuevo Colonia. A woman stated that both her sons had been sexually assaulted. She identified the suspect as Cerda, according to an arrest affidavit.

Deputies located Cerda and, upon questioning, he admitted to “touching the (private parts) of the boy,” the arrest report states.

Cerda was charged with indecency with a child by sexual contact. He is currently being held at the Webb County Jail on a secured bond.

While he admitted to molesting the 9-year-old boy, detectives are still investigating the sexual assault accusation against the victim's brother.

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Gloria Beacon
Gloria Beacon
Jan 15, 2022

Liberals really love this sick stuff. They love seeing illegals attack children. They love seeing the drugs they bring in with them destroying families. Liberals hate America so yes they love seeing this debauchery and murder. Why else would they continue to vote in politicians who leave the border wide open? That alone should be enough to make them stop voting for Democrats, the safety issue to their families, themselves, but no, they are so sick with socialism that they keep voting in Marxists and antiAmerican politicians set on destroying America even if it costs them a few thousand children's lives.

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