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Illegal Alien Charged In DUI Crash In Idaho, That Took Young Man's Life

EAGLE, ID – On May 19, deputies arrested Cecilio Eliut Camacho-Montoya, 32, after the semi truck driver reportedly blew through the red light at the intersection of State St. and Idaho 55, crashing into a pickup truck.

The semi was traveling at such a high rate of speed, that the impact of the collision ejected the driver of the pickup, 22-year-old Connor Dale Holcomb, from his vehicle.

Holcomb was taken to Saint Alphonsus Health Plaza, where he was soon pronounced dead from his injuries.

Camacho-Montoya failed multiple field sobriety tests and admitted that he had consumed several beers before the crash, according to an accident report.

The Mexican national's BAC was .22, nearly three time's Idaho's legal limit, and more than five time's the state's legal limit for those operating a commercial vehicle.

Of course, he does not have a Commercial Driver's License.

Camacho-Montoya has been charged with felony vehicular manslaughter and felony excessive DUI. He is currently being held at the Ada County Jail on an ICE Hold.

A few excerpts from Holcomb's obituary follow:

He worked as a heavy equipment operator, helped on the family cattle ranch, and had started his own cattle herd...
Connor loved all animals, especially Niki, his German shepherd, and Remi, the chocolate lab he shared with his girlfriend, Skylar...He would lay with a sick calf all night long, be on hand to saddle the horses for his mom and brother and sister, and never said no to any request.

He left behind a large family, including his parents, grandparents, a brother and a sister.

*US Illegal Alien Crime Report is still attempting to discover the identity of Camacho-Montoya's employer.

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