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Illegal Alien Arrested Twice In 14 Months For DUI In NC 'Sanctuary' County

Name: Franklin Noel Solis-Ledesma

Age: 42 Date of Arrest: 02/17/2024

Location: Wake County Charge(s): DUI and Resisting Arrest On December 31, 2022, Solis-Ledesma was arrested by North Carolina State University police in Raleigh and charged with Driving Under the Influence. Unfortunately, Wake County Sheriff Willie Rowe (D) does not enforce ICE holds and allowed the illegal alien to bond-out very quickly, rather than keeping this dangerous invader off the streets.

Not surprisingly, he has been caught endangering the people of Raleigh, North Carolina again. And, Sheriff Rowe has already released the illegal back onto the streets.

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Feb 26

WTF! Why aren’t the residents of NC rising up with anger over this injustice? They must be aware. Why would any American citizen allow this in their state? I’d love to know what they’re thinking being ok with this.

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