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Illegal Alien Arrested Four Times This Year In NC 'Sanctuary County'

Name: Carlos Rodriguez-Jaimes

Age: 18

Date of Arrest: 11/10/2021

Location: Wake County

Charge(s): Statutory Sex Offense with a Child

*This week's arrest marks the fourth one for this illegal alien this year. In fact, all three prior arrests came within a four-day period.

All of those arrests have taken place in Wake County.

-On June 13, 2021, Rodriguez-Jaimes was arrested on Industrial Drive in Wendell. He was charged with felony possession of stolen goods and drug possession.

-On June 16, 2021, he was arrested at his residence on East Street in Wendell. This time, he was charged with credit card theft, breaking and entering into a vehicle and misdemeanor larceny.

-On June 17, 2021, while still in jail, he was arrested again, and charged with a separate crime. He was charged breaking and entering into a vehicle and misdemeanor larceny.

Each time he was taken into custody, he was given very low bond amounts and had no problem posting bail. And, since current Wake County Sheriff Gerald M. Baker has refused to cooperate with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), he was released back onto the streets.

Of course, this latest arrest represent yet another shattered life of an innocent child in North Carolina. It is a crime that could have easily been prevented, had Sheriff Baker simply accepted and enforced the ICE hold on his prisoner.

So, the question becomes...Is Sheriff Baker an accessory to any of the crimes committed by Rodriguez-Jaimes?

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Suno Chanda
Suno Chanda
Nov 14, 2021

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Howard Zinn lied ca.
Howard Zinn lied ca.
Nov 12, 2021

Sheriff baker, just another criminal pavement ape drawing a pay check.

Time to bring back, lynching.

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