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Illegal Alien Admits To Stomping Girlfriend's 3-Year-Old Son To Death

SAN BERNARDINO, CA – On November 22, police arrested Santos Guerrero Rodriguez, 24, after questioning him about the death of his girlfriend's son a day earlier.

On Saturday, the little boy was taken to the hospital suffering from severe head injuries, where Rodriguez claimed the 3-year-old had simply fallen off of his scooter, hitting his head on the pavement.

KTLA reported:

According to police, he confessed to stomping the child’s head repeatedly into the ground after losing his temper. He made the admission after further investigation by detectives, police said.
But upon further investigation, police said, Rodriguez confessed and said he killed the boy at a home in the 500 block of West Victoria Street.

Rodriguez has been charged with assault of a child causing grievous bodily injury/death and murder. He is currently being held at the San Bernardino County West Valley Detention Center without bond.

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