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Editorial: Government Will Never Again Protect Our Borders, Streets, Nor Jobs

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

For decades, the federal government has failed us in their duty to protect our borders, and as a result, countless Americans have been killed by criminal aliens, either run-down on our roads or murdered in other gruesome manners. Of course, countless children have also fallen victim to this ongoing invasion, being molested and raped in cities and towns, both large and small.

However, the federal government is not the only one to blame for this, as so-called ‘sanctuary cities’ and sheriffs across the country laying-out the welcome mat for illegal aliens, so that they may feel safe in their criminal activities.

In 2019 Massachusetts judge, Shelley M. Richmond Joseph, was even charged with aiding and abetting criminal aliens, by helping them escape U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, because she didn’t want them deported, so that they might again prey on those in her community.

In 2020, we witnessed our cities being torn apart, with innocent people being hurt, police officers killed, and wanton destruction of both public and private property in what became a nationwide, nightly riot and shopping spree.

Since that disastrous and possibly defining year, it has become painfully obvious that either the police cannot handle this type of overwhelming violence, or they have been told by their local officials to ‘stand down’ and let the looters collect everything they want (without consequence).

Also, over the last few decades, working-class Americans have been completely replaced, as factories moved to China and Mexico, and tech jobs were handed over to foreign workers (mostly from India), through the H1-B visa program.

Of course, China employs nearly, or literally slave labor to build products like Apple iPhones, while in the United States, H1-B visa workers will work for pennies on the dollar, as opposed to their American counterparts.

Both the Democrat and Republican parties are to blame for this mass exodus of good jobs in exchange for a low-wage, service-based economy.

This is not, however, a warning, but, sadly, a rather obvious observation. It is now too late for warnings, as the enemy is now within the gates...Americans are broke; we have lost so many of our rights, and if you speak out about these injustices on social media, you will be stifled.

But, don’t worry, our politicians are safe and snug tonight, surrounded by servants and highly armed security.

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