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Canada: African 'Migrant' Charged With Murder After Stabbing Spree

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA – On Saturday, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) arrested Yannick Bandaogo, 28, after he reportedly went on a random stabbing spree, in front of the Lynn Valley public library. In all, seven people were stabbed, including one woman in her 20s who died as a result of her stab wounds.

While the RCMP has yet to publicly identify most of the victims, two of them include Sheloah Klausen, a local school teacher, who is currently hospitalized; and Susanne Till, a mother of three, whose wounds were nearly fatal. She will need extensive, ongoing care.

According to The Vancouver Sun, Bandaogo has an extensive criminal history in the country which took him in...

Records show Bandaogo pleaded guilty to assault in a conjugal (domestic) violence case in Sept. 2019 in Longueuil, Quebec. A bench warrant was issued for Bandaogo’s arrest in July 2020 for failure to appear in court.
In Oct. 2018, Bandaogo was sentenced to one month in jail for assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest. The same day he was sentenced to four months in jail for assault causing bodily harm and was handed a three-month term for two separate assault cases. It is not known yet whether these sentences (that totaled eight months) were served concurrently.

Additionally, a nation-wide bench warrant was issued for Bandaogo in September 2020.

Bandaogo has been charged with second-degree murder, and more charges are likely to be filed. Though he was scheduled to appear in court on Monday, he refused to leave his cell and refused to participate in the proceedings, according to the RCMP.

*Bandaogo was granted asylum in Canada, after migrating from the Ivory Coast.

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