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African 'Migrant' Charged With Raping Woman In Ohio

BLUE ASH, OH - On Sunday, police arrested Onjre George, 20, after being called to the Quality Hotel Conference Center to help a woman in distress.

A desk clerk called 911, after a woman who appeared to be in trouble asked her help.

A press release from the Blue Ash Police Department states:

Officers were dispatched to the scene for a welfare check after a 911 came in from a front desk attendant. She stated she noticed a male and female and that the female looked unwell. She stated she was discreetly able to ask the female if she was okay and the female used body language to indicate that something was wrong.

When officers attempted to take George into custody, he tried to jump out of the window of his 6th floor hotel room, but simply bounced off of the glass, according to court documents.

George has been charged with forcible rape, kidnapping to engage in sexual activity and assault. He is currently being held in the Hamilton County jail on a $205,000 bond.

*Onjre came to this country as a juvenile from Nigeria. Not surprisingly, this has NOT been reported by any other media outlet.

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Suno Chanda
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