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Add Another Name To The List Of North Carolina's 'Sanctuary Sheriffs'

Over the last few months, this reporter has noticed that there seems to be quite an uptick in the number of arrests and re-arrests of illegal aliens in Guilford County, North Carolina.

As we know, due to so-called ‘sanctuary sheriffs’ in the Tarheel State, large numbers of illegal aliens are taking safe haven in the state. Of course, the inevitable result is a sharp increase in crime.

United States Illegal Alien Crime Report has thus far identified five sheriffs who have, through their refusal to cooperate with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), have basically laid-out the welcome mat for criminal aliens, we have discovered yet another one…

Guilford County Sheriff Danny Rogers seems to be more concerned with the supposed ‘Constitutional’ rights of illegal aliens, rather than the safety of the legal residents of his own county.

In a press release, Guilford County Sheriff Danny Rogers stated:

The Sheriff’s Office does not, however, honor requests (i.e., detainers) from ICE to actually hold an inmate for up to 48 hours after the inmate’s State criminal charges have been resolved. The reason is that the act of holding such inmates after their State criminal charges have been resolved is very likely a “seizure” for the purposes of the Fourth Amendment.
Such a seizure would have to be supported by an arrest warrant based upon probable cause to believe the individual has committed a crime and would require confirmation by an impartial judicial official. ICE detainers, however, are issued by ICE officials and are not reviewed by an independent judicial official. As a result, ICE detainers are not the legal equivalent of an arrest warrant.
Accordingly, holding an individual on nothing but an ICE detainer could be construed as an illegal seizure in violation of the Fourth Amendment.
Here at the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office, we do not accept the far right position that illegal immigrants are not protected by the Fourth Amendment…

The city of Greensboro is located inside Guilford County, which is home to about 500,000 citizens and, now, a growing number of criminal aliens.

This November, Sheriff Rogers will run for re-election.

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