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The Left's Most Politically Correct Terms for Illegal Aliens

For decades, the left has been co-opting our language, through their great understanding of propaganda. You see, if you soften the term, the people may then consider the crime or uncivilized behavior to be less offensive. Of course, the left has been rather masterful at re-naming illegal aliens (a term which rightfully describes the fact that they have no legal right to be here).

A list of politically correct, if not factual, and rather laughable terms for illegal aliens has been assembled for the reader’s amusement...

-Unauthorized Immigrants: This one first caught this columnist’s eye in a one-page 2009 Pew Hispanic Center report, in which the rather sanitized term was used 27 times to describe illegal aliens. Can you say subliminal messaging?

-Undocumented Immigrants: Of course, we have heard various Democrat politicians repeatedly claim that illegal aliens “simply lack the necessary documents,” otherwise, “they would be legal.” Using that logic, we could all become “undocumented ICE agents” and deport illegal aliens back across the border. After all, many of us have the will to do so, but we simply lack the documentation that would officially make us federal agents.

-Undocumented Workers: This term completely eliminates the fact that the person is here illegally, but it infers that their mission here is somehow noble because they came here to work. However, they are simply criminals two times over; once when they entered our country without permission, and again when they took a job which they were not authorized to have (and, in many instances, stole the identity of a citizen to obtain the job).

-New Americans: President Obama himself, or one of his handlers, fell in love with this term so much that the administration created a “White House Task Force on New Americans.” Obama even wrote an executive order in which he created an additional level of bureaucracy designed exclusively to making these “new Americans” more comfortable. Of course, we all know the term “new Americans” means illegal aliens, and most of the programs were welfare and tax credits, which citizens would have been funding.

-Unaccompanied Minors: We first heard this term, designed to tug at our heartstrings, in the Summer of 2014, when the Obama administration basically invited all of Central America to cross our border illegally and turned U.S. Border Patrol agents into little more than babysitters. The result was an epidemic of the Enterovirus (EV-D68), which left thousands of our children in emergency rooms with permanent lung damage, some with paralysis and in many cases left some children dead, all because Obama ordered these so-called “unaccompanied minors” to be allowed to enter our public school systems without any meaningful health checks.

-Immigrants: This is perhaps the most insulting of all terms, as it implies they have a right to be here and diminishes the sacrifices of those who have made the journey to this nation the right way. Interestingly enough, the Associated Press adopted this term in 2013, dropping the term “illegal immigrants” from their style book.

-Undocumented Californians: In October of 2012, the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) reported on the fact that two major newspapers had thrown all logic to the wind, and adopted this terminology.

CIS stated Two California newspapers are apparently pushing a new effort to legitimize the presence of illegal aliens. Both the Los Angeles Times and the San Jose Mercury News have welcomed use of the phrase ‘undocumented Californians’ to describe illegal aliens living within the state.

However, the term most often used now by the MSM occurs when the 'undocumented reporter' describes a suspect in custody by using the name of the city or state in which he was arrested in front of the word "man." For instance, a "Sacramento man," or a "New York City man," maybe a "North Carolina man," sometimes it's just "a man!" The Biden administration has even gone so far as to ban government agents from using the correct, legal term of "illegal alien," instead, instructing them to use the generic term of "migrants" or one of the other nonsensical terms listed above. Of course, no matter what they call them, the damage they are doing to this country is the same...

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