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Police: Illegal Alien Stalked Woman While Driving Stolen Van

JOURDANTON, TX – On Thursday, officers arrested Ozman Villalobos, after he followed a woman to the police station. The woman noticed the suspect following her vehicle around town, and frightened, she drove to the station, with her stalker in pursuit.

The Jourdanton Police Department issued the following statement on the incident:

When she turned into a business to get away, the van followed. When she stopped, the van stopped. When she drove down various streets, the van continued to follow. The driver wisely called police and then drove to the Jourdanton Police Department...With the green van still following closely.

The van turned out to be stolen out of San Antonio, and drugs were reportedly found in the vehicle.

Villalobos has been charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine). He is currently being held at the Atascosa County Jail on an ICE Detainer.

The suspect is in the country illegally from Guatemala, according to a police report.

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