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Officer Stephanie Mohr Finally Pardoned After Being Destroyed For Stopping An Illegal Alien

On December 23, President Donald Trump issued a full and unconditional pardon for Prince Georges County (MD) Police Officer Stephanie Mohr.

The White House statement on Mohr's pardons reads:

President Trump granted a full pardon to Stephanie Mohr. Her clemency is supported by the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund and the Fraternal Order of Police.
Ms. Mohr was a police officer in Prince George’s County where she achieved the distinction of being the first female canine handler in the Department’s history. She served 10 years in prison for releasing her K-9 partner on a burglary suspect in 1995, resulting in a bite wound requiring ten stitches. Officer Mohr was a highly commended member of the police force prior to her prosecution. Today’s action recognizes that service and the lengthy term that Ms. Mohr served in prison.

Here is Officer Mohr's story...

On the night of September 21, 1995, Prince George’s County Police Officer Stephanie Mohr was on patrol in Takoma Park, Maryland, when she and her partner Sgt. Anthony Delozier, got a call to provide backup to another officer who was responding to a burglary at a business. When they arrived on the scene, two suspects, Ricardo Mendez and Herrera Cruz were exiting the roof of the business. Mendez and Cruz, both illegal aliens, were yelling back and forth to one another in Spanish.

The first responding officer told the two to face the wall. Mendez reportedly made a motion as if he was going to run. That’s when Mohr, a K-9 officer, released Valk, her German Shepherd. Valk bit Mendez on the leg and held him while he was placed in handcuffs.

Both Mendez and Cruz were charged with 4th degree burglary. Cruz pled guilty and was deported back to Mexico. In addition to immigration violations, Mendez was convicted of selling crack cocaine and deported to El Salvador.

The incident was just another in a typically tough day for the Prince Georges police officer.

Then, a full five years later, the U.S. Department of Justice indicted Mohr for violating Ricardo Mendez’s civil rights.

The jury voted 11-1 to acquit Mohr, and the proceeding ended in a mistrial. However, the federal government tried her again, this time, even flying Mendez from El Salvador, and Cruz from a jail cell in Texas to testify against her.

In the second trial, the prosecution team painted Mohr as a racist, and this time they got a conviction. She was sentenced to 10 years in prison for violating the civil rights of an illegal alien drug dealer.

In August 2002, Mohr was taken to Alderson Federal Prison, where she remained until November 27, 2011. At the time she began serving her sentence, her son, Adam, who she was raising on her own, was 4-years-old.

Of course, there are many other Border Patrol agents and police officers who have been unfairly prosecuted for denying illegal aliens their ‘civil rights,’ often on the orders of the Mexican government.

But, few Americans are familiar with the persecution of Officer Stephanie Mohr.

Fortunately, President Trump has righted this wrong, which is just another in the long line of unjust prosecutions perpetrated by George Bush, likely on behalf of the Mexican government.

Thank you President Trump!

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