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NC Sheriff Will Not Hold Accused Child Molester For ICE

Name: Adrian Tress-Villegas

Age: 47

Date of Arrest: 11/11/2021

Location: Wake County

Charge(s): Two Counts of Indecent Liberties with Children

Despite the serious nature of the charges against him, Wake County Sheriff Gerald M. Baker will not honor an ICE detainer request against Tress-Villegas. So, if the illegal alien can come up with $7,500 (10 percent of his bond) to be paid to a bail-bonding service, he can and will be released back onto the streets of Raleigh.

Since taking office on December 3, 2018, Sheriff Baker has refused to cooperate with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and has released many dangerous criminals back into his county, despite ICE detainers being issued against them.

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