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Local NBC News Outlet Reports Illegal Status Of Suspected Killer, Once Victim Is One Of Their Own

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

ATLANTA, GA - On Monday, police arrested Aldair Leon-Olluas, after fleeing the state of North Carolina, where he reportedly killed a woman in a hit-and-run crash, last month.

On January 21, 63-year-old Erin Simanskis was off to the side of Western Boulevard, exchanging information with another driver following a very minor accident. That’s when Leon-Olluas ran her over with his van and fled the scene, according to police.

Simanskis was transported to WakeMed Hospital, where she died five days later.

Leon-Olluas faces several charges, including hit-and-run, driving too fast for conditions and having an open container of alcohol.

He is currently being held at the Fulton County Jail on an ICE detainer, while awaiting an extradition hearing back to North Carolina.

Simanskis, who worked as an editor and researcher for local NBC affiliate, WRAL, and leaves behind a husband, and two children, according to her obituary.

WRAL reported:

Leon-Olluas is from Mexico, and he presented a Mexican I.D. at the time of his arrest. On Tuesday authorities said he was in the United States illegally.
"I want him to know about my mom. I want to be able to tell him about her, so he knows who he took from us," (Emily Simanskis) said.

*In more than a dozen years of covering the crimes committed by illegal aliens, this reporter cannot remember one case in which WRAL actually reported the fact that the suspect was in the country illegally…no matter the crime (i.e. rape, child molestation, murder, etc.).

In fact, WRAL has actively campaigned against United States Illegal Alien Crime Report, contacting our former hosting service (Go Daddy), demanding that articles in which the NBC affiliate was cited be removed from our site.

While this reporter is saddened by the senseless loss of this innocent woman, and angered that once again, an American has been killed in a completely preventable tragedy, it is also beyond frustrating that it takes such a loss for a member of the ‘legacy media’ to finally understand that a criminal’s immigration status is completely relevant.

It is simply a fact that the state of North Carolina is overrun with criminal aliens, and the county in which Simanskis was killed, operates under a ‘sanctuary’ policy for illegal aliens at the direction of current Wake County Sheriff Gerald M. Baker.

There are many so-called ‘Angel Families’ who would welcome the coverage for their loved ones that Simanskis has received. Unfortunately, news organizations such as WRAL seem to ignore them once it is discovered that the killer was an illegal alien.

This woman’s killing is yet another tragic reminder that illegal immigration poses a danger to all of us.

At this time, US Illegal Alien Crime Report extends our condolences to Erin Simanskis’ grieving family.

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