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Illegal Aliens Caught With Nearly 40 Pounds Of Crystal Meth In North Carolina

NASH COUNTY, NC – On June 10, a unit of the Nash County Sheriff’s Office Highway Interdiction Team made a traffic stop on Highway 64 and Winstead Avenue in Rocky Mount, and the vehicle initially pulled over. However, during the stop, one of the passengers (Yovany Barrientos-Ochoa) jumped back into the driver's seat and took off.

This led to a multi-county chase, and the vehicle was later found abandoned, along with 18 kilos (39.6 pounds) of methamphetamine.

Deputies say that Barrientos-Ochoa and Jesus Rocha-Cabrera were found at the Scotland Neck Inn in Scotland Neck, along with another suspect named Cristian Arce-Cazares, and all three were arrested with help from the Halifax County Sheriff’s Office.

All three have been charged with trafficking in methamphetamine and conspiracy to traffic in methamphetamine, and are being held at the Nash County Detention Center on $1,000,000 bonds.

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