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Illegal Alien Who Beheaded His Cellmate Found Incompetent For Trial

SACRAMENTO, CA – On April 27, convicted murdered, Jaime Osuna, 33, was transferred to the psychiatric facility at Salinas Valley State Prison. This move was the result of Osuna being found incompetent to stand trial in the grisly death of his cellmate, Luis Romero, at Corcoran State Prison.

KGET reported:

Romero, 44, was beheaded and stabbed in the eye, and other parts of his body were removed in the March 9 slaying. Osuna wore parts of his body as a necklace and admitted to the grisly slaying.

Osuna reportedly used a blade-type weapon to remove one of Romero's eyes, chop off one of his fingers, and actually removed a portion of his lung, before beheading the man.

The coroner noted that Romero's body had been posed post-mortem, and his face slit open, in order to resemble the appearance “of a joker.”

Romero was serving a life sentence after a 1992 murder conviction in Los Angeles.

At the time of the attack, Osuna was also serving a serving life sentence without for the 2011 torture-slaying of Yvette Pena in Bakersfield.

In addition to professing his loyalty to “Satan,” Osuna has said many times that nothing gave him more pleasure than the act of killing.

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