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Illegal Alien Wanted For Raping 5-Year-Old Boy, Arrested After 20 Years On-The-Run

HIGH POINT, NC - On December 18, police arrested Eric Santibanez-Cardenas, 40, who has been a on-the-run for more than 20 years for the repeated sexual abuse of a child.

In May 2001, Santibanez-Cardenas was charged with four counts of sexual assault on a 5-year-old boy in Las Vegas.

Though the suspect is in the country illegally, he was allowed to bond out of jail and failed to show for his court appearance.

Las Vegas is a ‘sanctuary city,’ and refuses to enforce ICE detainers, and simply releases criminal aliens back onto the street, if they make bail.

Santibanez-Cardenas was charged with being a fugitive from justice, and is currently being held at the Guilford County Jail on an ICE detainer.

Under questioning, he admitted to using the alias “Julian Solis-Cardenas,” since 2006, according to court documents.

He is current;y awaiting extradition to Las Vegas to face the child sex assault charges.

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Howard Zinn lied ca.
Howard Zinn lied ca.
Jan 05, 2022

Send that greaser back to Vegas, so they can release him again. Makes sense to someone, I guess.👎🙏

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