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Illegal Alien Wanted For Child Rape Killed In Shootout

ARLINGTON, TX – On Friday, a police officer shot and killed Juan Jimenez-Salas, 46, during a traffic stop, after the suspect pointed a gun at him, according to a police report.

Jimenez-Salas was wanted on five felony counts of rape and six felony counts of indecency with a child.

Reportedly, he had been repeatedly raping his girlfriend's two daughters. Both victims are under the age of 10.

FOX News reported:

Authorities had been searching for Jimenez-Salas since November, when the girls’ father in North Texas told police he believed Jimenez-Salas had been raping the Texas man’s children. The girls had reportedly told their father they were raped in a McKinney, Texas, hotel room while traveling with their mother and the suspect.

Both victims are now with their father.

As it turned out, Jimenez-Salas was deported back to Mexico about 20 years ago, after he was caught sexually assaulting another young girl.


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