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Illegal Alien Charged With Murder In Maryland 'Sanctuary' County

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MD – On Thursday, police arrested Erik Aguilar, 19, for a homicide that took place earlier in the week in Wheaton.

On Tuesday morning, after responding to reports of a shooting, emergency personnel discovered the dead body of 25-year-old Marvin Alexander Mendoza in the 2000 block of Blueridge Avenue.

He was killed with a single gunshot.

Aguilar has been charged with first-degree murder and is currently being held at the Mongtomery County Jail without bond.

*After illegal aliens committed several high-profile murders in Montgomery County, officials were forced to change their policy in reporting criminal aliens to ICE. However, as Judicial Watch has pointed out, Montgomery County police only report illegal aliens to the feds when they have been arrested for a very serious crime such as rape or murder.

Illegal aliens arrested for burglary, simple assault, and most weapons violations are still not reported to ICE for deportation. Just as with any offender, bail is set for them and they are released back onto the streets to either commit more crimes in the county or to flee elsewhere.

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