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Illegal Alien Charged With Human Smuggling In Texas

KERRVILLE, TX - On August 21, sheriff’s deputies arrested Jaime Vicente Montes, 22, who crashed a stolen truck, just off of Highway 16. They were notified by Texas DPS Troopers that the driver had just evaded them and was headed their way.

Under questioning, Montes admitted that he had been smuggling people into the country, and had recently brought two illegal aliens into Austin, according to court documents.

News 4 San Antonio reported:

“We are pleased to have this suspect in custody,” said Sheriff Larry Leitha.“...Our SIU and Patrol divisions will continue to pursue and arrest those who violate our laws and make millions for criminal cartels through human smuggling.”

Montes has been charged with two counts of human smuggling, two counts of evading arrest or detention, and one count of criminal trespass. He is currently being held at the Kerr County Jail on an ICE Hold.

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