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Illegal Alien Charged With Her Children's Grisly Murder In Georgia

GAINESVILLE, GA – On Friday, the boyfriend of entered the home of Berenice Jaramillo-Hernandez, 26, to find the woman lying in a pool of blood, her throat and wrists had been slashed.

When Hall County sheriff's deputies arrived at the home on Crescent Drive, they discovered that her two children, Mateo Miranda Jaramillo, 5, and Katherine Miranda Jaramillo, 6, had been stabbed to death.

Jaramillo-Hernandez was transported to a local hospital for treatment, where it was determined that her injuries were self-inflicted, according to court documents.

The Gainesville Times reported:

Hispanic Alliance-GA Executive Director Vanesa Sarazua said the organization had helped the family on and off with food donations for the past year.
“We always tried to connect her to local resources and give her the basic needs that she might have for her children,” Sarazua said.

On Saturday, Berenice Jaramillo-Hernandez was released from the hospital and taken into custody.

No motive for the crime has been given at this time.

Jaramillo-Hernandez has been charged with two counts of felony murder, two counts of malice murder and two counts of aggravated assault-cutting. She is currently being held at the Hall County Jail on an ICE detainer.

*It should be noted that, to date, US Illegal Alien Crime Report is the only media outlet to report on the murder suspect's immigration status.


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