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Illegal Alien Caught With Child Pornography In Idaho

IONA, ID – Last week, Bonneville County sheriff's deputies arrested Marco Antonio Hernandez-Maldonado, 26, after a woman reported that he had child pornography on his phone.

An examination of his phone discovered a history of viewing child pornography, dating back to 2018, according to court documents.

The East Idaho News reported:

Investigators brought Hernandez-Maldonado back in to confront him about what they found. Hernandez-Maldonado called himself not “tech-savvy” and continued to deny viewing child pornography. Eventually, Hernandez-Maldonado said he saw images of teenage girls but thought they were cartoons. When investigators tried to get specifics, detectives wrote in the probable cause that Hernandez-Maldonado avoided the questions.
“Marco said he has been trying to get rid of this habit (child pornography) or fetish for a while now,” the detective wrote in his report.

Hernandez-Maldonado has been charged with felony child pornography and felony destruction of evidence. He is currently being held at the Bonneville County Jail on $70,000 bail.


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